The Way Forward for the Hobby Shop Dungeon

The Marmoreal Tomb crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter was an unmitigated success.

It has taken us a few days to realize what had just happened on Wednesday, September 2, 2015.

A thousand, two hundred and eighty four backers spoke loud and clear with their hard-earned money. Enthusiasm for the project took over social media. Many gamers shared the news, rejoiced, spread the word as far as they could get it on facebook, google, on message boards, on reddit, instagram, and farther still. The results are in, and it is an incredible victory for GP Adventures, its supporters, and the gaming hobby along with them.

This project will be realized and with it, the doors of opportunity have opened wide for GP Adventures, its friends and partners. The Hobby Shop Dungeon will become a reality. We will make good on the promise of an entirely published Gygaxian Castle and Campaign. This is but a first step, but what a first step it is!

Thank you all for your support, all of you, no matter how small the help or contribution.

Now comes the hard part for which we were prepared all along: putting together the gaming products and deliver them to our backers first. Then let the gaming community enjoy them as well.

There is a lot of work to be done, and there will be no doubt difficulties along the way, but we are confident that together with our partners and the gaming community at large we will be able to deliver everything promised in a timely manner.

The Way Forward for the Marmoreal Tomb will now be covered extensively via Kickstarter campaign updates and our regular communication with gamers supporting the project on The Hobby Shop Dungeon Facebook Group.


Once the Marmoreal Tomb is delivered, we will unfold the rest of the Hobby Shop Dungeon series. You should expect the first completely self-contained part of the Hobby Shop Dungeon to be the next piece of the series to come to life. The Crossroads to Adventure, the choose-your-own-adventure books allowing you to play characters of the Duinnsmere who could then become henchmen and NPCs in the Hobby Shop Dungeon tabletop campaign, are also in the works.

Then, the Gazetteer of the Duinnsmere and the Shades of the Eurth. Then, the Hobby Shop Dungeon part 2, covering the gigantic level 6 and the high-level adventuring areas surrounding it. Then, the Haunted Halls of the Beggar King, and further still, more modules, including a look at the Free City of Villenor, the Devilish Realms linked to the dungeon, and more on the fate of Krassus the Cambion, the Stone Giant who precipitated the fall of the Stone-cutter dwarves of the Marmoreal Tomb.

There are other plans, including some that could come to life at any point in the interim, taking advantage of the new realities of our hobby and market going forward. We are helping to bring back to the hobby a Gygaxian style of gaming true to its roots, but fully intend to explore the new possibilities and media made available to us now. But we’re not quite there yet. More on that later.

The fulfillment of the Marmoreal Tomb is our first priority.

Let’s get to work.

Thank you again, all of you who have pledged and shared and supported us so far.

Ernest Gary Gygax Jr. and Benoist Poiré.



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