The Stone Alignments of Kor Nak (PDF Digital Format)


Download GP Adventures’ FREE module for Hex 15/12 of Tenkar’s Landing, the crowdsourced fantasy setting initiated and sponsored by Tenkar’s Tavern. Complete PDF format, including maps and key. Discover the secret of the Alignments of Kor Nak, defeat many foes, and piece together a secret that will perhaps bring peace to the Carnelian Queen of old. This short module is compatible with 0e, 1e, and most variants of the World’s Premier Role-Playing Game. Light on stats and mechanical details, this hex is usable in a variety of settings and games, including your own.

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Product Description

This 22-page free digital module gathers the two maps and the key of the Stone Alignments of Kor Nak, a small sandbox setting the size of a standard 6-mile hex created for Tenkar’s Landing, the crowdsourced game setting sponsored by the Tavern of the same name.

GP Adventures wanted to show its support of the “Do It Yourself”, Old School Revival scene and thank all the support it has received so far from gamers far and wide. The opportunity came when Tenkar’s Tavern launched the crowdsourced project linked above. The concept was simple: each and every gamer could claim one hex on the map of the Landing, and describe it however desired, working with the other enthusiasts describing their own hexes around, so the whole ends up making some sort of sense, and is ultimately enjoyable to explore around a game table.

This free product describes the hex we designed for the Landing. It is relatively light on stats and other mechanical detail, using a default 0e/1e Swords & Wizardry Complete Rules format where deemed necessary. You can get a hold of these rules for free here, should you not know them. This makes the module readily compatible with most editions and variants of the World’s Premier Fantasy Role-playing Game.

The hex could also be used as a setting, as a prime location or alternate dimension or even a virtual world of some type, for many other tabletop role-playing games, as inspiration warrants.

Within, you will find the hex thoroughly described in a loose, inspirational manner. You will learn about the general features of the area, its history, the main inhabitants of the landmarks on its surface, along with an accompanying wandering monsters table and likewise detail. A sample Underworld map closes the hex’s description for those who would expand on the surface and use it as the top of an underground complex spanning one or several levels. Together, these elements can be used in any which way that would seem the most suited for your game table and play style.

We hope you enjoy the material. Thank you for your support, one and all.