Sammi-Zowa Versus The Dueling Dragons (PDF + PRINT Bundle)


A Child’s Tale by Ernest Gary Gygax Jr., Nerissa Montie and Simon Todd.

79-page PDF + PRINT bundle. A family story of courage in the face of adversity and growing up to the world set in a medieval Japan that never was, this story was conceived by Ernest G. Gygax for his grandson, Sam, and directly inspired by the bed time stories his father used to tell him as a child. It is a rare piece of gaming history Ernest wanted to share with gamers so they too could share it with their own children and grandchildren. Part of the Hobby Shop Dungeon world and setting.

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Hearken back to a day when a younger Gary Gygax ate up tale after tale of Japanese folklore. These stories helped inspire fantastical worlds peopled with creatures and humans both honourable and devious.

Click on the bedside lamp and sit alongside Gary as he spins dreams of heroic exploit and dastardly deeds for his wide-eyed sons. Ernest Gygax Jr. and brother, Luke, starred in many of these nightly tales as Gary dotingly nurtured their imaginations.

Lean against the armchair of Ernest as he continues the tradition for the next generation. An ancient Nippon that never really was swirls through the carefully-crafted bedside yarns for his grandchildren. Ernest invites you to partake in the stories of brave children and crafty monsters that he has been telling for years. Shared here, for the first time, is his bed time tale about young Sammi-Zowa’s first adventure.

Whisked from a comfortable life of sword-practice and farming, Sammi-Zowa faces two possibilities—waiting for the samurai warriors to assemble and save his kidnapped grandparents or, more riskily, ride forth himself to face the ire and might of two mighty red dragons. The strong love Sammi-Zowa has for his grandparents guides his decision. He ventures down the road to an uncertain fate.

Ernest Gygax Jr.’s tale, spruced and polished by Nerissa Montie and charmingly illustrated by Simon Todd, is a tale for the ages. You’ll find yourself drawn into this story that will speak to a child in your life or to the child within yourself.

A wonderful story with lots of surprises. It’s a must-read if you enjoy fantasy.” James M. Ward, Director of Creative Development, TSR Inc. Author, Random House, Del Rey, Bantam, Western Publishing, Marvel & DC Comics.

Fun story. The Illustrations are stunning!” Margaret Weis, co-author, Dragonlance Chronicles, President and Owner, Margaret Weis Productions.

[The] Illustrations are charming and the writing is reminiscent of that of the master storyteller himself, E. Gary Gygax.” Pamela Mohan, Editor, Wizards of the Coast, Independent Writing and Editing Professional.

Utterly timeless. Offers a glimpse into the world of all our childhoods. Beautifully rendered by Ernie Gygax.” Stephen Chenault, The Troll Lord of Troll Lord Games.

Ernie was a guest/ghost writer for his father on the Sagard novels. After this story, Gary must be grinning right now from his vantage point. Ernie you’ve gotten to be a scary good writer.” Flint Dille, creative collaborator (screenwriter, novelist, game designer, etc.) on the Transformers, Chronicles of Riddick, Sin City and Diablo III properties.