Haunted Halls of the Beggar King PREVIEW (PDF Digital Format)


By Ernest Gary Gygax Jr. and Benoist Poiré. 38-page PDF PREVIEW, 1st Edition Compatible, Character Levels 3-5.

Caravans have been attacked. Families have been killed. The bandits spread unrest along the Old Imperial Road. There are rumours of spies and trickery, of a malevolent mastermind reaching out, spreading his webs of lies in the shadows of back alleys and noble courts alike.

The Beggar King has to be stopped.

Now is the time. Now is the day of reckoning.

Take on the sword! To arms!

For it lies upon you to see justice done.


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Product Description

This 38-page digital offering presents an inside look into GP’s design process. Once an exclusive preview for the Gary Con VI convention in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, it features a single, complete level detailing 117 areas of the Beggar King’s hideout on the coast of the Duinnsmere and north of Nester’s Folly, the Hobby Shop Dungeon.

The Haunted Halls are designed to serve multiple purposes in the referee’s campaign. It is a true stronghold of evil that will represent a great tactical challenge to an adventuring party trying to defeat the bandits by feats of swords and spells alone. It can be a recurring location where the players’ characters could make deals and forge uneasy alliances, a place of danger they could infiltrate for other powers in the region, or the location of some specific goal, such as some prisoner’s rescue, or some magical, secret area for them to reach, that the referee would have planted in his previous games.

This preview is in PDF format, and includes the full key of the sample level, an introduction, explanatory notes for the referee, diagrams for some of the rooms and features of the dungeon, as well as a full-color map by Benoist Poiré. The complete module DU2 HAUNTED HALLS OF THE BEGGAR KING will include art by Simon Todd, full editing and layout, as well as the two sub-levels and surface map presenting the complete hideout in all its sinister glory, but don’t fret! This preview level includes advice allowing it to be used all on its own. This one-time deal offers an exclusive look into the evolution of the Hobby Shop Dungeon world. It is temporarily available only, until the full module launches for good.

Unlock your imagination. Step further into the realms of your own creativity. Adventure awaits.

So far I’ve run this a few times (both “As Is” and “Mined for Parts” in multiple systems (AD&D, C&C, ASSH, a funnel for DCC, and even a “Lost World” Pulp adventure in FATE Core, and a set of Ruins for a Monster Hunter International the RPG game. It’s got a few uses really. Something of a “Swiss Army Dungeon” ….come to think of it I’ve got a Fantasy themed Champions Master Villain that could use this as a nice add on to his Lair!” Eric Rex Petersen, GM Extraordinaire.