GPA Character Record Sheet (1E Compatible)


This Official GP Adventures Character Record Sheet is First Edition compatible, and will satisfy all the fans of Advanced-style role-playing games. Heavily inspired by the early record sheets doodled by Tom Wham for the Dungeon hobby shop in the 70s, this sheet is entirely hand-drawn by old school favorite artist Mark Allen. Customize your records with this handy PDF using a clever system of layers (reminiscent of the mad irishman’s creations, for those in the know), while still retaining this unique penciled look that makes the best handouts around the game table. Venture forth to adventure!

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Product Description

This GP ADVENTURES CHARACTER RECORD SHEET is intended for use with first-edition compatible games and simulacra including OSRIC™. Each page contains layers allowing you to customize your character sheet to your liking.

Each page’s layers and organization is detailed here:

PAGE 1: The main page of this character sheet. It includes layers customizing the header and top icon of the page. Choices include fighter-paladin-ranger, cleric-druid-monk, thief-assassin, magic-user-illusionist, bard and multiclass.

PAGE 2: Customize this page by selecting the layer that represents your character’s main or first class combination (if dual and/or multiclass). This will change the block summarizing this class’s main abilities at the top of the page.

PAGE 3: This appendix is separated in three sections: top, middle, and bottom. Each section may be separately customized by selecting the layer you want it to show, i.e. either an additional class abilities block (including bard), or a field of notes instead.

PAGE 4: This appendix is an additional page of notes. You can customize the top layer in order to show a frame allowing you to draw your own character portrait, or none at all, which you can then print multiple times if needed.

This character sheet is fully compatible with THE HOBBY SHOP DUNGEON™ project and campaign.