Ernest G. Gygax Jr.’s Kickstarter project is LIVE!

The direct link:

The Marmoreal Tomb Campaign Starter is a completely self-contained sandbox module introducing Ernest Gary Gygax Jr.’s setting, The Hobby Shop Dungeon, and the lands of the Duinnsmere around it, to the gaming masses.

The Campaign Starter can be used with its own default setting of the Duinnsmere, and/or in conjunction with other settings, published and home-brewed. Its design seeks to reflect both the way Ernest Gary Gygax Jr. runs the game, and to be amenable to one’s own preferences and play styles.

It is made of three parts, each presented as the classic modules with full color maps and keys and all the details you need to run them, which you can use together or in conjunction with one another, as the GM desires. It is presented in a First-Edition TSR compatible format, with guidelines to use with different editions and variants of the game, including Fifth edition and Pathfinder, even different genres and role-playing games. Full conversions are part of our stretch goals.

Already half-funded after a few hours!

This is the scope of what we are talking about:


For reference, the map that was pubished in Gygax Magazine is the one on the upper left corner of the picture.

The link to check everything out and pledge is:

Please help spread the word! Link to the Kickstarter on your facebook page, twitter, blog, on Google Plus, reddit, message boards, wherever you think there might be gamers who might like to know it’s happening. If you would like to help in real space, consider downloading this one-page Flyer about the Marmoreal Tomb in PDF format (about 5mb)  to print it and hand it out to your customers in your store, to your buddies around the game table, in conventions, wherever you feel like it!

The more backers, the more funds. The more funds, the more awesome the main module and its expansion packs. Everybody wins! We have been blessed with the support of many gaming enthusiasts, and it is our pleasure to bring about what we’ve all been waiting for. The fist fully published Gygaxian Castle and Campaign. It’s happening, and this is the first step. Thank you all!