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The Way Forward for the Hobby Shop Dungeon

The Marmoreal Tomb, the completely self-contained sandbox module and campaign starter to the Hobby Shop Dungeon series has now been funded on Kickstarter. A thousand, two hundred and eighty four backers have spoken loud and clear: it is to become a reality, and a beginning of a new era for adventure gaming. But what is next now that the crowdfunding effort is over? What are GP Adventures’ plans on the long term? Read further and find out.

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Ernest G. Gygax Jr.’s Kickstarter project is LIVE!

The Marmoreal Tomb Campaign Starter is a completely self-contained sandbox module introducing Ernest Gary Gygax Jr.’s setting, The Hobby Shop Dungeon, and the lands of the Duinnsmere around it, to the gaming masses.

The Campaign Starter can be used with its own default setting of the Duinnsmere, and/or in conjunction with other settings, published and home-brewed. Its design seeks to reflect both the way Ernest Gary Gygax Jr. runs the game, and to be amenable to one’s own preferences and play styles. The first step towards the complete publication of Ernest’s castle and campaign! Pledge now!

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Free Hex – The Stone Alignments of Kor Nak

Download GP Adventures’ maps and key for Hex 15/12 of Tenkar’s Landing, the crowdsourced fantasy setting initiated and sponsored by Tenkar’s Tavern. Discover the secret of the Alignments of Kor Nak, defeat many foes, and piece together a secret that will perhaps bring peace to the Carnelian Queen of old.

This short module is compatible with 0e, 1e, and most variants of the World’s Premier Role-Playing Game. Light on stats and mechanical details, this hex is usable in a variety of settings and games, including your own.

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GP Adventures Update – June 2014

An impromptu message from GP Adventures’ Benoist PoirĂ©. Talking about our current products, including SAMMI-ZOWA VERSUS THE DUELING DRAGONS and the sample level of DU2 HAUNTED HALLS OF THE BEGGAR KING. Sample maps, character sheets, paper miniatures, we have it all, with a French accent!

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Own a SIGNED print copy of Sammi-Zowa

AUTOGRAPHED COPIES: Ernest G. Gygax will sign and personalize print copies of the book purchased through this store upon demand. In order to get your autographed print copy, purchase the book normally. After your purchase, Contact Us by clicking on the namesake link top right on this site. Make sure to include in the body of your message your NAME and the ORDER NUMBER you received in your email following checkout, as well as any other requests you might have regarding the dedication itself. Limited time offer!

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Welcome to!

The GP Adventures site is Live! Discover SAMMI-ZOWA VERSUS THE DUELING DRAGONS and the preview of the HAUNTED HALLS OF THE BEGGAR KING now available for sale! Expect some changes as we develop our website and its contents. We will soon have news updates, new products, and blog posts enhancing their use. These could be extra situations or locations or twists on previously published material, pieces providing some context, historical and otherwise, or columns explaining our approach to specific, practical aspects of game design. Exciting times ahead! Come on in!

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